Jamie Clarke
Jamie Clarke is a Type Designer and Lettering Artist, expertly bridging both fields. After honing his skills at Reading University in 2013, Jamie has created a growing collection of contemporary typefaces recognised across the world. He unveiled his first typeface, Brim Narrow, in 2015, which was followed by his award-winning 3D font, Rig Solid, which became part of Canva’s global library in 2018. What make's Jamie's typefaces unique, is their direct link with his lettering and illustration work. Each typeface can be traced back to a particular project where a specific style lettering was required to complement an illustration. His most popular typeface, Span, evolved from titles drawn to harmonise with branching plant stems. Prominent uses of his typefaces have been made by Disney (Beauty and the Beast the Musical), The Folio Society (Casino Royal) and Mattel (Barbie). After working in London and Sydney, Jamie is based in Bristol, in the United Kingdom.

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