Jamie Nazaroff
Known also as the venerable, monosyllabic "Zang", Jamie Nazaroff was born in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada at 1:07am on the morning of November 26th of 1974. From birth he was both smart and artistic. He learned to read before his 3rd birthday (thanks mainly to Sesame Street), and was drawing fingers and toes on stick men before that. This was regarded as being quite advanced art-wise for his age, though it often came with scolding, as his favourite medium on which to draw seemed to be walls. In the early 90's, Zang began experimenting with typography and desktop publishing, using an application on the Atari ST platform called "Calamus". Calamus used a proprietary font format, but included an application in which to make these fonts, a feature which he exploited to it's maximum. Within a few weeks, the burgeoning font creator had several typefaces completed. These typefaces later got distributed to pre-internet BBSes for use and download by anyone. In 1997, as a natural progression from his day-job of graphic design, Zang began tampering again with his design tools, and created typefaces to fill voids he was having with not finding the right face for a job. He then decided these fonts could be sold, and shared among the masses. Thus, Zang-O-Fonts was formed. Zang was quickly picked up to be an original member of "The Chank Army", where he gained great exposure and knowledge. Zang-O-Fonts' sales and success have climbed steadily since those days, and Zang is a known contributor to typographi.ca, a website dedicated to typefaces. Jamie "Zang" Nazaroff now lives and resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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