Jean-Renaud Cuaz
In 1985, the Atelier National de Création Typographique (now ANRT - Nancy) was founded within the walls of Imprimerie Nationale in Paris, dedicated to teaching students the art and craft of typeface design. JR Cuaz was one of the first designers to attend the newly opened institution. Here he studied under such eminent French type designers as Ladislas Mandel and José Mendoza and the typographic designer Peter Keller. Previously, JR Cuaz graduated from the Penninghen School of design in Paris and learned graphic design under Roman Cieslewicz, Jacques Nathan-Garamond and Paul Gabor. He currently runs Audagroupe, a multi-services design platform, including Audastyle, dedicated to brand identity and publication design and Audascribe which provides exclusive typeface design and the Typorium typefaces.

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