Johan Ström

Johan Ström Type designer | Stockholm, Sweden.

Born: 1936 in Vänersborg, Sweden.

Working as book designer at the publishing house Natur och Kultur in Stockholm during 28 years. I started my own company Fontanova Ström AB in 1991 with the main objective to realize three already outlined typefaces. Indigo Antiqua is the only one, that has been digitized and released on the market so far (2021). I am autodidact without formal type design education.

My Inspirations are of various kinds but, of course, some outstanding old types from Griffo to Bembo [Monotype] have influenced my efforts: Guillaume le Bé [Sabon], Janson, Caslon, Fell Types, van Dijck and a few others have also left their tracks.

Johan Ström

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