José José Villamizar
Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1977. Graduated as a graphic designer of the late ISA Institute of Graphic Arts in 1998 and José María Vargas University in 2008. Since 1995 he has taken countless independent projects and institutional, prominent among them linked to the issue of editorial design and corporate identity. In 2005 he participated in collective and exhibition "Marcas. Identificadores Gráficos de Venezuela" (Brands. Identifiers graphics in Venezuela) conducted by the Museum of Prints and Design Carlos Cruz - Diez in Caracas. Product of what was his undergraduate work in 2008, subsequently exerts research, a fact that has earned participation in various conferences and lectures, and in November 2012 the editing and authoring the book "Venezuela CMYK - marcas (brands)," which includes a preamble to a reference sample of contemporary brands, the result of an unprecedented research on the history of trademark signs in our country, as well as theoretical and conceptual foundations present within the process of designing a brand. His exploration work to design logotypes allow the recent incursion into the design of fonts. Member founding of the "Red Venezolana de Diseño (Rediseño)" (Venezuelan Network Design) and the "Sociedad de Creadores Tipográficos de Venezuela (SCTV)" Society Creators of Typographic of Venezuela.

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