José Manuel Urós
José Manuel Urós is a self-taught programmer, typo(graphic) designer and guitar player. Also a Barcelonian, where he was born in 1956, who doesn't like leaving his city for more than two weeks... every two years. A programmer in the eighties, he became the happiest/luckiest guy when switched from awful code to desktop publishing at the very launch of the technology, around 1988. From that year, he has helped a number of studios to develop their skills at electronic publishing. From 1992, Josema has developed a close relationship with the Estudio Mariscal, where he cares for the Macs, the typography, the editorial design and the becarias. Teaching begin in 1993, with courses on interface and icon design, and typography. He teaches at Eina, Elisava, ESDI and IDEP. Also, somehow, he manages to have a musical life, having played with Bootunoo, New Buildings, MCW, La Fura dels Baus, Leo Mariño, Josep Giménez, Elements, Pangrams, Adrián Morales, Unoma and Altaba/Samsó/Urós, among others. His latest noises had been made with the group GRUS.

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