Justin Howes
Typographer and aspirant printer Justin Howes created , , , and in 1998. Justin Howes used the resources of the St. Bride Printing Library in London to throroughly research William Caslon and his types. He then digitized every size of type that Caslon cast, keeping their peculiarities and irregularities and reproducing them the way the appeared on the printed page. In keeping with the original Caslon® types, none of the sizes have bold weights and the numerals are all old style figures. The character sets include a full set of ligatures, including quaint forms. The ITC Caslon Founders® fonts of Justin Howes are included in the Linotype Library. ITC Founders Caslon 12, ITC Founders Caslon 30, ITC Founders Caslon 42 and ITC Founders Caslon are registered trademarks of International Typeface Corporation.

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