Jvne77 Studio

Created in 2017 by Johnny Feron, a designer who graded publicity design and graphic communication in Toulouse Lautrec Lyceum in Bordeaux then at Claude Garamond School of Art near Paris, Jvne77 Studio is a french foundry based in Lyon, France. With a special affection for typefaces from masters Herb Lubalin, Tom Carnase, Ed Benguiat or Aldo Novarese, Jvne77 focuses on display characters from the late 60's, the 70's and 80's, and some regards on art deco stylish streamlines or multiline decoratives forms. The studio have realised some effective families like Squaredron FF, Arcachon, Gialle, Coalworks, Dreamhouse Kissies, Arkham, Feronne beyond others and his best-seller revival of the early eighties "Weiss Modern Gothic Display" designed after Emil Weiss. Most of these typeface have many open type alternates and all are multilingual productions.