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Kilau by Majestype
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Kilau Font Family was designed by Erwin Indrawan, Dexsar Harry Anugrah and published by Majestype. Kilau contains 1 styles. More about this family

About Kilau Font Family

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A collaboration between Coldiac (a four-piece pop band from Indonesia) & Majestype (typefoundry from Makassar Indonesia) with the help of Erwin Indrawan (lettering artist from Bandung) as the font designer.

Kilau font is the official font that we’ve been using for Coldiac the newest single artwork (kilau) & branding material.

Kilau comes with 250+ Glyphs and has a kerning feature to make it legible and OpenType (Alternative Character), which is very useful for today's design software as it provides a lot of options. One of the most frequently used is to change certain characters according to your taste.

Now you can get the font including the commercial usage for your works. We'd be happy if you guys can use it & feel the experience while listen to Coldiac’s song.

*it would be much appreciated if you could credit us.

Designers: Erwin Indrawan, Dexsar Harry Anugrah

Publisher: Majestype

Foundry: Majestype

Design Owner: Majestype

MyFonts debut: Apr 14, 2022


About Majestype

We love typefaces like breath. Born and raised in Makassar City, Indonesia. We've created more than 30 typefaces since 2012, and we love typefaces with a unique style that can be adapted to a variety of designs. Likewise, we are passionate about typefaces and as long as the fire is still burning, we will continue to create typefaces that can be useful for everyone, like our slogan "Worthwhile Through Type". - Majestype 2012