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Kis Antiqua Now TH Pro

Kis Antiqua Now TH Pro

by Elsner+Flake
Individual Styles from $99.00
Complete family of 2 fonts: $195.00
Kis Antiqua Now TH Pro Font Family was designed by Erhard Kaiser, Nicholas (Miklós) Tótfalusi Kis, Hildegard Korger and published by Elsner+Flake. Kis Antiqua Now TH Pro contains 2 styles and family package options.

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About Kis Antiqua Now TH Pro Font Family

In the course of the re-vitalization of its Typoart typeface inventory, Elsner+Flake decided in 2006 to offer the “Kis Antiqua” by Hildegard Korger, in a re-worked form and with an extended sortiment, as an OpenType Pro-version. After consultation with Hildegard Korger, Elsner+Flake tasked the Leipzig type designer Erhard Kaiser with the execution of the re-design and expansion of the sortiment. Detlef Schäfer writes in “Fotosatzschriften Type-Design+Schrifthersteller”, VEB Fachbuchverlag Leipzig, 1989: No other printing type has ever generated as far-reaching a controversy as this typeface which Jan Tschichold called the most beautiful of all the old Antiqua types. For a long time, it was thought to have been designed by Anton Janson. In 1720 a large number of the original types were displayed in the catalog of the „Ehrhardische Gycery“ (Ehrhardt Typefoundry) in Leipzig. Recently, thanks to the research performed by Beatrice Warde and especially György Haimann, it has been proven unambiguously that the originator of this typeface was Miklós (Nicholas) Tótfalusi Kis (pronounced Kisch) who was born in 1650 in the Hungarian town of Tótfal. His calvinistic church had sent him to the Netherlands to oversee the printing of a Hungarian language bible. He studied printing and punch cutting and earned special recognition for his Armenian and Hebrew types. Upon his return to Hungary, an emergency situation forced him to sell several of his matrice sets to the Ehrhardt Typefoundry in Leipzig. In Hungary he printed from his own typefaces, but religious tensions arose between him and one of his church elders. He died at an early age in 1702. The significant characteristics of the “Dutch Antiqua” by Kis are the larger body size, relatively small lower case letters and strong upper case letters, which show clearly defined contrasts in the stroke widths. The “Kis Antiqua” is less elegant than the Garamond, rather somewhat austere in a calvinistic way, but its expression is unique and full of tension. The upper and lower case serifs are only slightly concave, and the upper case O as well as the lower case o have, for the first time, a vertical axis. In the replica, sensitively and respectfully (responsibly) drawn by Hildegard Korger, these characteristics of this pleasantly readable and beautiful face have been well met. For Typoart it was clear that this typeface has to appear under its only true name “Kis Antiqua.” It will be used primarily in book design. Elsner+Flake added these two headline weights, which are available besides a separate font family Kis Antiqua Now TB Pro. Designer: Miklós (Nicholas) Tótfalusi Kis, 1686 Hildegard Korger, 1986-1988 Erhard Kaiser, 2008

Designers: Erhard Kaiser, Nicholas (Miklós) Tótfalusi Kis, Hildegard Korger

Publisher: Elsner+Flake

Foundry: Elsner+Flake

Design Owner: Elsner+Flake

MyFonts debut: Apr 19, 2019

Kis Antiqua Now TH Pro

About Elsner+Flake

About Elsner+FlakeIn March 1986 Veronika Elsner and Günther Flake founded their company Elsner+Flake Designstudios after ten years of freelance experience in the field of type design, typography and digitizing of fonts and logos. The general aim of the company is to create a continuously growing library of digital fonts. Today the Elsner+Flake Digital Library with a worldwide presentation and appreciation contains more than 2,500 fonts, which are available in Mac PostScript, PC PostScript and PC Truetype.Typography with a DifferenceElectronic modification is avoided, all italics are digitized from original artwork. Text and headline typefaces have matching cap heights and contain standard character layouts. Complete kerning tables guarantee a precise appearance and excellent legibility. Accents on caps and lowercase letters are individually designed. Many typefaces feature small caps and old style numbers. Most fonts are already completed with the new euro currency symbol.Partners WorldwideElsner+Flake cooperates worldwide with more than thirty-five business partners. In case of questions concerning the Elsner+Flake Digital Library or to order a specimen catalogue please contact the address given. We will introduce you to your closest Elsner+Flake distributor.

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