Belgium is known for its beer, fries and chocolate. For their poppies in Flanders Fields and for Tomorrowland,... But what cannot simply be forgotten are our qualitative Belgian fonts. Kustomtype is one of Belgium's finest creators and type designer established in 2011. Located in a cabin between Flanders fields we invent, draw and develop font families sold worldwide on diverse platforms such as Myfonts.com, Linotype, Fontspring, Creative Market, Fontbross, etc... Fueled by many other international type designers and expanding our creative agency to creating fonts, we soon gave birth to our (to this day) 2 most succesful fonts named Roadbrush & Roadstar. Both are available for sale online through the websites named above. After a very productive and interesting first years Kustomtype soon got bigger, acclaimed and well-known in the world of typography. We design your demand. We create a custom type. www.kustomtype.com

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