Based in Los Angeles, California, Lalelum was founded by designer David Kazaryan in 2021. David began his career as a graphic designer focused mainly on logo designs. The idea of using existing type faces in his designs bothered him so spent time creating his own. His obsession with symmetry and perfect alignment slowed him down and caused him a lot of frustration but it also meant he was producing high quality type faces. When David realized that marketing himself and searching for clients as a freelance designer did not appeal to him, he began teaching graphic and web design at a college while also designing for a marketing team. As a teacher he was able to sharpen his skills and gain more knowledge on the subjects of design, animation, and web development - all three of which he included in his curriculum. Working with a marketing team kept his knowledge relevant and up to date.Lalelum was founded so that the type faces produced by designer David Kazaryan can have a place to live. No longer will they be forgotten elements of various design projects. Keep Lalelum on your radar for these properly fleshed out, long overdue type-faces produced by David.