Makarsih Studio

Makarsih Studio is a type foundry based in Indonesia, specializing in the design and production of high-quality fonts for both digital and print use..The team at Makarsih Studio puts great emphasis on quality when designing their fonts. They strive to create unique designs that stand out from other font choices available on the market today while still being easy to read and aesthetically pleasing. All their font families come with an extensive character set so they can be used across different languages without any issues or compatibility problems arising down the line. Additionally, each font family comes with OpenType features such as ligatures which help make text look more natural when displayed digitally or printed out onto paper/fabric etc.. Overall, Makarsih Type Foundry offers some truly amazing options for anyone looking for top-notch typography solutions that will work well both online as well as offline media formats like magazines or posters etc.. With its wide range of stylish yet professional-looking fonts available at reasonable prices it's no wonder why this Indonesian company is becoming increasingly popular among graphic designers all around world!