Marianna Orsho

Marianna is a London-based Artist and Designer specializing in typography, branding, and illustration. She has created work for the Spice Girls, Disneyland Paris, Adobe, Adobe MAX, Affinity Designer, Studio Moross, MTV, Indeed, and The Ghost Bus Tours, among others. Marianna graduated from the University of Art in Belgrade in 2011 where she studied Type Design under Professor Olivera Stojadinović. In 2012, she released three styles from her type family 'Nioki' as part of the project 'Cyrillic as a Gift' with Tipometar, which was funded by the Ministry of Culture of Serbia. In 2019, she collaborated with Studio Moross to create the new Spice Girls typeface as part of the branding for the UK and Ireland 'Spice World' tour. The font was used in the animated show visuals, on the Spice Girls merchandise and is still in use for promotional and marketing material across all social media channels.