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Marker O Type

Marker O Type

by O Type Foundry
Individual Styles from $19.00
Marker O Type Font Family was designed by Galang Persada and published by O Type Foundry. Marker O Type contains 1 styles.

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About Marker O Type Font Family

Explore Marker O Type: Your Playful Signature Font

Perfect for Comic Books and More!

With its unique brush style, Marker O Type injects a childlike signature into your designs. Ideal for main text in comic books, this font radiates joy and creativity.

Why Choose Marker O Type?

1. Unique Brush Writing Style

This font is more than just letters; it's art that brings a unique childlike touch. The brush style exudes playfulness, reminiscent of whimsical children's writing like comic sans.

2. Versatility for Various Design Needs

From logos to invitations, magazines, books, wedding cards, packaging, fashion, and even makeup, Marker O Type is the top choice. Its flexibility ensures a fitting appearance across various formal design needs.

Experience Magic with Marker O Type:

"Little girly hands, with a touch of marker magic, create cute, playful fonts perfect for kids' books, greeting cards, and comics. The handwritten signatures add a decorative and comical twist, making them ideal for kiddos' invitations, fashion labels, and packaging. Whether it's for a kiddie's blog, novels, or kids' t-shirts, the kiddies font collection brings a fairy look to every project. From comic sans to a comic book font, the versatility suits a variety of marketing materials, making up a kiddo-friendly, kid-approved font paradise. The kid print and kid writing styles are also perfect for kids' illustrations, adding a touch of moody charm to any stationery or magazines. Let your invitations, kids' stories, and kiddo marketing materials shine with the unique charm of Marker O Type."

Elevate your graphic design to the next level with the cheerfulness and uniqueness of Marker O Type. Ideal for logos, invitations, wedding gifts, and product packaging, Marker O Type adds a personal and enjoyable touch to captivate your audience.

Designers: Galang Persada

Publisher: O Type Foundry

Foundry: O Type Foundry

Design Owner: O Type Foundry

MyFonts debut: Sep 15, 2020

Marker O Type

About O Type Foundry

Welcome to O Type Foundry, where letters are transformed into works of art. O Type Foundry represents the creation of unique and meaningful fonts, each with its own personality and character.My name is Galang Persada, and I am a professional type designer based in Bandung, Indonesia. I have a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design from Unikom Bandung and have been crafting typography since 2013. With years of experience, I have honed my skills in creating fonts that not only look good, but also have meaning and purpose.At O Type Foundry, I strive to provide the best possible font designs for my clients. Each font is designed with a unique approach, carefully crafted to meet specific needs and requirements. My goal is to create typography that not only stands out, but also captures the essence of the brand it represents.I work on a variety of commercial font projects, including script fonts, sans-serif styles, and more. My fonts have been used by graphic designers worldwide and have received high praise for their quality and versatility.Type design is more than just creating letters. It's about telling a story. The typeface you choose can communicate so much about your brand, and I take pride in crafting fonts that have a story to tell.If you're looking for a font that is not only beautiful but also has a unique character and meaning, then look no further than O Type Foundry.

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