Martin Majoor
Martin Majoor (*1960) began his career as a typeface designer in the mid-1980s. He designed several award-winning typefaces, most of which he offers through his own foundry “Martin Majoor”. The ‘Scala family (1990) is a worldwide bestseller and has established itself as a ‘classic’ among digital fonts. In 1994 he designed ‘Telefont’, a custom-designed typeface for the Dutch telephone book. ‘Seria’ (2000) is a delicately proportioned text typeface with a special upright italic. ‘Nexus’ (2004) is an extensive type family with four different font styles (serif, sans, slab, and a typewriter version). In 2016 Majoor worked together with his fellow Dutch designer Jos Buivenga to design the large and successful ‘Questa’ family. ‘Comma Base’ (2021) is an interesting mix between a sans and a serif font, it offers the best of both worlds. In addition to his work as a type designer, Majoor has designed books, covers, stamps, and posters. He conducts type design workshops and lectures at Schools of Arts and design conferences. He has written articles for magazines such as Eye Magazine, Page, Items and 2+3D, and has contributed to several books on typography. Majoor works alternately in Arnhem and Berlin.

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