Masoud Nejabati
Masoud Nejabati began studying calligraphy at the age of ten. At sixteen, he became a member of the Iran Society of Calligraphy and began creating Islamic calligraphy art. In 1989, Mr. Nejabati enrolled in the graphic design course at Tehran Art University where, in 1998, he received an MA in Graphic Design. His final thesis was a study of Islamic Calligraphy. Mr. Nejabati is a member of the Iranian Graphic Designers Society (I.G.D.S.). In 1996, he won first prize at the 1st Islamic World Calligraphy Festival. In 1998, he was awarded second place in layout works at the 6th Biannual of Iranian Graphic Designers. Mr. Nejabati now teaches graphic design at Tehran Art College and also has his own design business creating book covers, posters, trademarks and logotypes as well as performing broader layout work. Persia is Mr. Nejabati’s first venture into Latin-based type design. The influence of his extensive calligraphy experience is what makes this design so attractive.

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