Maury McCown
Maury McCown was born in Texas, raised in Texas, and plans on dying in Texas (or maybe Italy or Ireland). Maury has been making fonts since 1992, with his earliest design offerings being available at his previous Mac-related news and design web site, RAILhead Design. Back in early 2000s, Maury's Mac news site (RAILhead Design) was one of the most popular MacHead destinations online, with hundreds of thousands of daily visitors. Maury was on the front lines of Mac interface design and manipulation, and has lent his talents to companies like Apple, Microsoft, Target, Ford Models, NBC, The Bronx Zoo, Time Inc., and many more. He was also one of the first font designers to make custom, personalized, handwritten fonts available to the public at an affordable price. He offers his fonts through his personal Maury McCown foundry. Maury's goal is to make attention-grabbing typefaces for all purposes and all people, whether you need type for a high-impact logo, or something whimsical for that homemade Mother's Day card. Maury also makes exclusive custom fonts for businesses and corporations.

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