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MBF Manata

MBF Manata by Moonbandit
Individual Styles from $17.00
MBF Manata Font Family was designed by Bramaji Dipa Manggala and published by Moonbandit. MBF Manata contains 1 styles. More about this family

About MBF Manata Font Family

Manata is a modern futuristic semi-cursive font. This typeface has a unique angle spreading through each glyphs to enhance dynamic and flow. Combined with straight and sharp stem to balance the overall feel and readibility. Perfect usage for large size display, title, poster, logotype and body text. Manata also support multilingual and have several alternate glyphs.

Designers: Bramaji Dipa Manggala

Publisher: Moonbandit

Foundry: Moonbandit

Design Owner: Moonbandit

MyFonts debut: Feb 10, 2022

MBF Manata

About Moonbandit

Moonbandit is an independent type foundry. Born through fascination of typeface design, we come to appreciate the unique shape of glyphs and endless possibilities that comes with it. Being passionate and also inspired by everything around us, we try to create fonts that can improve and elevate many design projects.With boundless mindset we build a vast collection of fonts for different purposes to serve brands and designers achieve their goals. Each in their own unique nature. We are dedicated to design and develop high quality creative typography work. We constantly explore new exciting ideas and concept to bring a fresh new products.Our wide range of font collection are ready to support, enhance and shape the mood of your projects.