Menagerie Type

In the vibrant design landscape of New York City thrives a unique habitat known as Menagerie Type. Here, the visionary designers, much like the diverse creatures of the animal kingdom, sculpt fonts inspired by the untamed essence of wildlife. Witness the graceful dance of strokes and the rhythmic cadence of characters, mirroring the spirited movements found in nature. The Menagerie Type catalog is a rich ecosystem where fonts, like hybrid mules, inherit the strength and intelligence of their equestrian muses. Just as in the wild, each font possesses a distinct character, a tale spun with humor drawn from the quirks of the animal world. Join us in this typographic safari, where the art of design is not just a visual endeavor but a harmonious symphony of letters and creatures, flourishing in the heart of creative exploration. Welcome to Menagerie Type, where the wild spirit of typography roams free.All fonts are designed by Osvald Landmark.