Michael Harvey
Michael Harvey (1931 - 2013) Michael Harvey MBE worked as an engineering draughtsman until he read Eric Gill’s Autobiography which inspired him to become a lettercutter. His career in lettering included designing typefaces, carving inscriptions and designing bookjackets. His most notable inscription is the great frieze of artists’ names in the Sainsbury Wing extension to the National Gallery, London. Briefly, at the beginning of his career, Michael worked in Joseph Cribb’s workshop at the Guild on Ditchling Common, but his real training in lettering came during the period 1955 to 1961 when he assisted Reynolds Stone, carving inscriptions in slate, stone and wood. He was a member of the Royal Mint Advisory Committee on the Design of Coins and Medals, the author of six books on lettering. At the University of Reading, he taught a unique course, on Letterforms which combined practice and theory. After designing typefaces for Monotype and Adobe, Michael Harvey and Andy Benedek set up the partnership Fine Fonts in 2000. Michael published several books on lettering together with a lavishly illustrated memoir entitled 'Adventures With Letters'.

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