Michael Jarboe
Michael Jarboe is a self taught designer and typographer living and working in San Diego, California. A graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art where he studied fine art, he managed to parlay the fundamentals of art into a career in graphic design and ultimately type design. In 2006 he set up his own design practice and since 2011 he has pursued type design full-time with a focus on refined, contemporary interpretations of classic type styles. As typography relates to speech, the language arts, and communication, it exists in a subliminal state, often beyond conscious perception. Jarboe's interest in typography extends beyond the purely aesthetic. His inspiration is sustained by the complex intersecton between design, fine art, literature, poetry, wordplay, spoken word, slang, and lyricism, specifically at their interrelation to typography. Throughout his career, Jarboe has spent over a decade working with some of our generation's most influential brands, artists, and designers. Clients have included Activision, A&E, Burton Snowboards, DC Shoes, Keep A Breast, Nike, Nixon, Staple Design, Transworld Skateboarding, Transworld Snowboarding, Quiksilver, Vans, and more.

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