Michael Parson
Michael Parson – Born 10.1.1979 in Geneva, Switzerland – Graphic Designer, Type Designer, Illustrator. 1998–2002 – Studies Graphic Design at the Ecole Cantonale D'art de Lausanne Bellecour Genève. 2001 – Creates, as a student project, Type Garage as a support to his type experiments. Has now developed the project as a commercial endevor creating custom fonts for such clients as Dev TV, Morocco, Audioactivity. Has also been developing a series of designs for his type library. 2002 – Works as an independant designer for such clients as Domino's Pizza Switzerland, Les Eaux D'Aizac, PVA Genève, Projet Santé Gaie. Fonts contained in the Linotype Library: (2002), (2001), (2002), (2001), (2002), (2001), (2002), (2002). All fonts of Michael Parson are part of the new Take Type No. 5 which contains 204 exclusive, contemporary fonts for electronic publishing. Anlinear, Arabdream, Classicus Titulus, Hexatype, Jan, Morocco, Ned, Pargrid, Piercing and Raclette are trademarks of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, which may be registered in certain jurisdictions, exclusively licensed through Linotype GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG.

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