Milieu Grotesque

First established in 2010 by graphic designers Timo Gaessner and Alexander Colby, Milieu Grotesque was originally founded as a type platform for designers. Under Timo Gaessner and Maiko Gubler’s direction, the business grew into a highly regarded foundry with a reputation for creating enduring and elegant type. The five Milieu Grotesque typeface families include Maison Neue (a super family of 40 styles in minimalist homage to early-twentieth century modernist design), Boutique (a sophisticated sans serif typeface that pays homage to the Didone skeleton), Patron (a sans serif influenced by two dissimilar type designers, Günther Gerhard Lange and Roger Excoffon), Maison (a mono-lined grotesque constructed using rigid elements to achieve a minimalist industrial feel), and Chapeau (loosely inspired by a Johnny Cash letter written on an old IBM typewriter). The Premium foundry page can be viewed Here.