Milka Peikova
Milka Peikova (born 19 September 1919 in Pavel, died 17 August 2016 in Sofia) was one of Bulgaria’s most famous female artists whose work has influenced several generations of Bulgarian designers. During her impressive career spanning almost seven decades, she created paintings, posters, book covers, textile designs and alphabets, both individually and together with her husband Georgi Kovachev-Grishata (1920–2012). In 1948, she graduated the Bulgarian National Art Academy, where she studied painting and took classes by prof. Dechko Uzunov. Milka Peikova created paintings (mostly portraits), graphics, decorative and applied arts, textile sculptures, book designs. She painted more than 180 portraits (including of famous Bulgarians Ivan Vazov, Peio Yavorov, Jordan Jovkov, Dora Gabe, Radoi Ralin, Grigor Vachkov, Tatiana Lolova, Stoianka Mutafova, Georgi Pavlov-Pavleto, Elisaveta Bagryana, etc.). The poet Elisaveta Bagryana dedicated her the poem “Portrait in White”. Peikova was the founder of the “Cosmos” magazine and worked as a designer at the “Woman Today” and “Problems of Art” magazines. She was also an alphabet and type designer. In addition to decorative alphabets such as Milka, she designed the first Bulgarian typeface for phototypesetting called Grilimil with her husband Georgi Kovachev-Grishata. Peikova exhibited her works in Moscow, Prague, Leipzig, Budapest, Paris, London, Bonn, Algeria. She was awarded prestigious Bulgarian and international awards, including the St. Cyril and Methodius medal, the silver medal at the International Exhibition in Leipzig, the first prize for a typeface at the Bulgarian National Book Exhibition and Illustration, and the second prize at the anniversary edition of “Contemporary Bulgarian painting”. Works of the artist are owned by galleries in Plovdiv, Burgas, Lovech, as well as private collections in Bulgaria and abroad.

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