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by Resistenza
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MonsterHand Font Family was designed by Giuseppe Salerno, Paco González and published by Resistenza. MonsterHand contains 1 styles.

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About MonsterHand Font Family

Step into the captivating world of MonsterHand, an innovative typeface that dares to challenge the boundaries of typographic design. Inspired by the art of calligraphy and meticulously crafted using a Ruling Pen, this extraordinary font unveils a mesmerizing display of expressive lettering, crazy contrast, and a captivating ink texture. Brace yourself for an enchanting journey into the enchanting realm of typographic exploration!

The Ruling Pen assumes a revered position as a tool utilized for creating expressive calligraphy. Delicately employed to fashion fine ruling lines, this versatile instrument empowers calligraphers to manifest their artistic visions. However, MonsterHand elevates the Ruling Pen's utility to unprecedented heights, harnessing its distinctive potential to birth a typeface that is truly in a class of its own.

At the heart of MonsterHand lies its seamless fusion of the organic and the digital. By deftly wielding the Ruling Pen, Resistenza breathes life into the font, imbuing it with the untamed, expressive strokes evocative of handcrafted calligraphy. The result? Enthralling letterforms pulsating with energy and dynamism, endowing MonsterHand with an unmistakable personality that beckons attention.

Elevating MonsterHand's uniqueness is its audacious contrast, unmatched by any ordinary typeface. By deftly adjusting the axis of the Ruling Pen, the designer conjures exaggerated variations in stroke width, bestowing the letterforms with a playful and offbeat quality. This delightful interplay of heightened contrast captivates the eye, rendering MonsterHand highly suitable for design projects that yearn to stand out from the crowd.

In addition to its captivating contrast, MonsterHand boasts an ink texture that adds depth and richness to its characters. Each stroke deftly retains the texture of the ink, unveiling a tactile quality that heightens the overall visual experience. With a resplendent authenticity, this texture imparts an organic and painstakingly handcrafted feel, a testament to the unparalleled artistry behind MonsterHand.

Yet, MonsterHand's allure doesn't end there. Alongside this extraordinary typeface, one discovers a meticulously designed set of icons. Complementing the font's aesthetic with finesse, these icons serve as a versatile toolkit for designers seeking to infuse their compositions with visual allure and intrigue. From playful illustrations to refined symbols, this collection enhances the possibilities and flexibility afforded by MonsterHand.

Have you, intrepid designer, longed to embark on a typographic adventure? Look no further than MonsterHand, where artistry of calligraphy and the innovation of the Ruling Pen converge to deliver an unforgettable typeface experience.

Designers: Giuseppe Salerno, Paco González

Publisher: Resistenza

Foundry: Resistenza

Design Owner: Resistenza

MyFonts debut: Aug 14, 2013


About Resistenza

Resistenza specializes in type-design, branding, calligraphy & lettering. Giuseppe Salerno and Paco González are the two founder, italian and spanish, their passion for writing and handcrafted lettering became their strenghts. Brushy types, calligraphic strokes, orginality in faces are their best distinguished characteristic. The first type was Afrobeat, a multiline circular type that grows up very fast and becase their first product on the list. But afterwards may other experiments more expressive like Berliner Fraktur, or an english copperplate like Copperlove bring Giuseppe Salerno's hand into a typeface. The Premium Foundry page can be viewed Here.

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