Morten Rostgaard Olsen
Morten Rostgaard Olsen (born 1964). Trained as a technical draftsman & graphic designer specialized in font architecture & type design. After 6 years studies at The Danish School of Art & Design, he started his own design studio where he primarily works with development of digital fonts and works as a consultant and ad hoc lecturer in this field. The reputable german publishers FontFont and FontShop have released various of his fonts, primarily FF Max & FF Olsen. Both faces have received great international popularity and recognition. Morten has designed and produced typefaces for inter alia Scholz & Friends, Opel International, STILL GmbH, 3F, Danish Conservative Party, YouSee, Netto, Coop, etc. In 2007 he founded the design studio together with graphic designer Ole Søndergaard. Fontpartners have released the typefaces: København, Dancer Pro, Dancer Serif, Dancer Tango, Elsinore, Quality, Stage, Head Pro, Fragile, Silly and Palina. Fontpartners have also created the site FONTSHIRTS, typography on clothing – primarily T-shirts. All motives: Crafty / serious / funny use of letters, are based on Fontpartners original designs. Morten Rostgaard Olsen has received recognition from The Bergia Fund, Councillor Georg Bestle & Wife Memorial Award, The Augustinus Foundation and others. In addition, Morten and his work is portrayed at The Danish Encyclopedia.

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