Mott Jordan
California freelance designer Mott Jordan created the font in 1997. This cheerful display face was inspired in part by the cartoons of the 1920s and 30s. According to Jordan, the typeface's name and three-dimensional quality can be traced to an early cartoon in which a cat blows on a horn with such force that the instrument bulges out. For the three-dimensional look, Jordan added highlights to the thicker strokes to create letters that look as though they were, in his words, "squeezed from a toothpaste tube". Jordan suggests his eye-catching font for shorter words in larger point sizes. ITC Hornpype is a lively font perfect for anything needing a "fun, goofy" look. ITC Hornype is part of the Lintoype Library. ITC Hornpype is a trademark of International Typeface Corporation.

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