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by Miklós Ferencz
Individual Styles from $59.00
Mozsar Font Family was designed by Miklos Ferencz and published by Miklós Ferencz. Mozsar contains 1 styles.

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About Mozsar Font Family

Mozsár, named after Mozsár Street in the downtown of Budapest (pronounced ‘mo-zhar’, meaning mortar in Hungarian.) Mozsár is a unicase display typeface with constructivist characteristics from the early 20th Century. It uses pure geometric shapes and purposefully departs from strict typographical rules to give a more friendly look. With Mozsár you can create really unique and awesome looking displays, titles and even name plates for your business. It works very well in big size. The central idea behind the design was that two variants of the typeface would randomly alternate as the user types. The typeface uses Contextual Alternates (CALT) created with the OpenType’s semi-random feature to mix the variants. The width and height of the letter shapes are generally equal, but I made some exceptions to lend the type a character of unexpectedness. The curves are identical in both versions of each letter, and the intersections of the axes are always perpendicular (with some evident exceptions).

Designers: Miklos Ferencz

Publisher: Miklós Ferencz

Foundry: Miklós Ferencz

Design Owner: Miklós Ferencz

MyFonts debut: Sep 13, 2019