Mott Jordan studied studio art and design at U.C. Santa Cruz, and was a self-employed sign painter and later a full-time graphic artist at a local weekly. His type design career began in earnest under Ilene Strizver at International Typographic Corporation in the mid-1990s, releasing two typefaces (ITC Verkehr and ITC Hornpype). By the mid-2010s, Jordan decided to finish out complete character sets for the fonts he had created for use in his own graphic design work. He formed the Mysterylab Foundry and now has approximately 25 offerings that represent an eclectic mix of retro 1960s and 1970s styles, ornate Victorian and old west fonts, futurist/experimental designs, and multi-weight workhorses. Jordan’s influences include the custom lettering design work of Bay Area psychedelic artists Victor Moscoso, Rick Griffin, and Wes Wilson. Other influencers include Alan Meeks, Martin Wait, Ed Benguiat, Friedrich Poppl, Hermann Zapf and Max Joseph Gradl. He operates a graphic design business near Santa Cruz, California and continues to add new releases to his typographic offerings.

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