Nate Piekos
Nate Piekos graduated from Rhode Island College in 1998 with a BA in Corporate Identity design. While still in college he designed his first fonts to be used in his independent comic book, THE WHOLE ENCHILADA. On a whim, he put them online and Blambot Comic Fonts & Lettering was born. Since then, Nate’s work has appeared in books by almost every major comic book publisher, has appeared in computer magazines world wide, and have been licensed by companies like Microsoft, The Gap, The New Yorker and many more. In 2003, Nate established his second font studio, Providence Type, as an outlet for his non-comics typography. Providence Type combines his love of fonts and his affinity for the capitol city of Rhode Island; all the ProvType fonts are named for streets and features of the “Renaissance City”. Nate is also a musician, a professional graphic designer and an illustrator and lives with his wife in rural Rhode Island.

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