Ned Bunnel
Ned Bunnel created the fonts and in 1983. ITC Avant Garde Gothic was designed by Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase and based on Lubalin’s logo for Avant Garde Magazine. Ed Benguiat designed the condensed fonts for the International Typeface Corporation. ITC Avant Garde Gothic is a geometric sans serif type, that is, the basic shapes were made with a compass and T-square. The design is reminiscent of the work from the 1920s German Bauhaus movement. Its letterforms are built of circles and clean lines and highly effective for headlines and short texts. Souvenir was originally drawn by Morris Fuller Benton in 1914 as a single weight for the American Type Founders company. It was revived in 1967 by Photo-Lettering and optimized for phototypesetting equipment. ITC was formed in 1971 and, with the help of Photo-Lettering, introduced ITC Souvenir as one of its first typeface families. ITC Souvenir was designed by Ed Benguiat and comes in four weights, each with a matching italic. ITC Avant Garde Gothic Monospaced and ITC Souvenir Monospaced are included in the Linotype Library. ITC Avant Garde Gothic and ITC Souvenir are registered trademarks of International Typeface Corporation.

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