As someone who is passionate about designing, the founder of NendesKombet has been pouring his heart and soul into every design he makes. He does realize that every type’s curves have an important role in bridging products to be accepted by the customers. "I pay attention most to the tidiness, as well as the variations," he described. "..because I want to present font styles that are versatile to my customers, so they can have great use of them,"NendesKombet entered the design market in 2016, starting by producing logos for various companies. It actively participated (and won) various logo contests. In 2018, this one-man show decided to expand its speciality into font making. NendesKombet has produced various fonts, including the best-selling one, Hermione, a classic timeless serif with beautiful ligatures, followed by other fonts which offer different styles, such as Daydream, Chickadee, and Beatrice.