Nicolien van der Keur
Nicolien van der Keur is an independent type- and graphic designer, born, raised and based in The Netherlands. After her education in graphic design she worked several years for agencies and publishers before she founded her own studio in 1999. Her experience with type during her work with complex books, magazines, and corporate identities sparked her interest even further in how typefaces and typography reinforce each other. This curiosity directed her to the University of Reading (UK), where she received an MA degree in 2007, specializing in designing a typeface for dictionaries and other high-density complex text-environments.The combination of design typefaces and work with typefaces has her special interest. Her typeface ‘Sirba’ was conceived especially for the demands in complex text environments like dictionaries. It has many design features that were particularly designed with Sirba’s purpose in mind. Apart from Latin, also polytonic Greek and old Cyrillic is designed. The typeface is released by TypeTogether. By training her eyes and learning more about typography, she wants to make the work of a graphic designer easier.

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