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Noam Text

Noam Text

by TypeTogether
Individual Styles from $69.00
Complete family of 3 fonts: $184.00
Noam Text Font Family was designed by Adi Stern and published by TypeTogether. Noam Text contains 3 styles and family package options.

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About Noam Text Font Family

Adi Stern’s Noam Text shows that typographic progress is often in the small things — in the perfecting of familiar traditions and in staying loyal to the spirit of what came before. It can’t really be called progress unless it honours its history. In this way, TypeTogether is happy to introduce Noam Text: A Hebrew and Latin serif font that builds on its heritage with the twin tools of honour and progress.

Since 1908, the Frank-Rühl fonts have dominated the Hebrew book and newspaper market. Noam Text’s design goal was to create a coherent family with both Latin and Hebrew serif text typefaces, each authentic to its own script, and which would serve as an alternative to last century’s predecessor.

In short order, users will recognise Noam Text as a source of progress in its bilingual abilities. Hebrew and Latin have opposite reading directions, creating many issues: opposing directionality of the open counters; vertical stress in Latin, but horizontal in Hebrew; fewer extenders in Hebrew; and no Hebrew capital letters. All these have been taken into account in Noam Text’s modern design. Of unique importance — all punctuation marks have a Hebrew version, which makes each script complete and uncompromising. Among other technologically advanced details, Noam Text was programmed for all expected scenarios of mixing Hebrew, Latin, figures, and punctuation.

Noam Text is intended mostly for setting long texts, so it strives to achieve maximum legibility in minimum space with its large x-height, short and fairly condensed Latin capitals, large and open counters, and low contrast. Originally derived from the Hebrew, the shallow horizontal curves and strong baseline serifs provide dynamism and enhance the reading flow. Noam Text Latin’s italic is rounded and reading friendly, is condensed to generate a lighter texture than the roman, and has a flowing stance. These virtues help it endure harsh printing conditions and subpar inks and paper.

Noam Text’s three total weights provide a proper solution for integrating texts in both scripts, as well as a contemporary alternative for use in books, newspapers, and magazine design. Aligned with TypeTogether’s commitment to produce high-quality type for the global market, the complete Noam Text family displays an impressive amount of discretion, applying to wide use-cases by not edging too close to religious motifs or imbibing in secular indulgence. This means Noam Text can be the go-to family across the board and capitalise on the desire for clear typographic progress in this modern age.

Designers: Adi Stern

Publisher: TypeTogether

Foundry: TypeTogether

Design Owner: TypeTogether

MyFonts debut: Mar 28, 2020

Noam Text

About TypeTogether

Veronika Burian and José Scaglionemet and developed a respectful kinship while completing their Master’s degrees in type design at University of Reading, UK. Established in 2006, TypeTogether is an independent, cosmopolitan type foundry that creates text typography for intensive digital and print editorial use. We have grown into a core team living worldwide and invested in the daily work, networked with other type designers who intermittently cooperate on specific projects. Through our unique, diverse, curated font platform, TypeTogether creates innovative and stylish solutions to the greatest problems in the professional typography market. The advantage of being a small but highly specialized company is that we are able to work closely with our clients to accomplish their goals and to respond quickly to their requirements. To carry an organisation’s unique voice across all communications, TypeTogether creates custom type solutions for discerning clients worldwide. Distinct advantages in your market can be gained through logotype creation, commissioning a brand new typeface, modifying existing typefaces, or extending language support. TypeTogether creates cross-platform OpenType fonts of recognised aesthetic and technical excellence and which perform well in continuous reading. Our internationally awarded catalogue — honoured for its high quality, usefulness, personality, and ability to grab attention — spans many languages and scripts and is diligently expanding each year.

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