NXRMALIST is the name taken from the founder himself whose name is nxrmalist. Since 2020, NXRMALIST has been established to create motion graphics and motion 3D to present client typefaces. In 2021 we started to design some plans to create a font or typeface. We have released several fonts, namely TYPEFACE, NXRMA TYPEFACE, ZYXROCK TYPEFACE. So far we have focused on the decorative font category. Carrying a futuristic and gothic name. Always adapting to the market and looking for something fresh and new from a font. Creates modern and sophisticated fonts.Although new, but we have been and will continue to make something extraordinary. We have proven with the fonts we have created. NXRMA TYPEFACE is an excellent product that is loved by many designers. "Think, see and enjoy" For more information you can find us on Instagram and Twitter.Instagram : : TO NXRMALIST