Ole Sondergaard

Ole Sondergaard born 30 January 1937 in Copenhagen, trained as a sign painter, he started his design studio in 1973 developing graphics of all kind. The studio has designed graphic solutions for small and large businesses, including logos, design manuals, corporate designs, signage, and several fonts like FF Signa superfamily. • Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture,1961-1964 • Graphic designer in architect Naur Klint’s design firm, 1964-1971 • Teacher of graphic design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, 1966-1978 • Founded own design firm, 1973 • Co-founder of and partner in 11Danes, 1985-1995 • Attached to IN-SAFETY, EU’s 6th framework programme, 2004-2008 • Co-founder of and partner in, 2007 • The retrospective exhibition in Designmuseum Denmark, including the release of the book: Designer Ole Søndergaard, published by Vandkunsten, 2012. • Continuous designs for various Danish traffic signs developed for the Danish Road Directory, 1990-2022 • Reports for Haverikommissionen for Vejtrafikulykker, 1990-2022 • Corporate Design for Stevns Klint, 2022