Oleg Gert

For over ten years I have been working as an art director in an advertising agency, coming up with creative concepts and implementing them, shooting commercials and inventing various design layouts, and in my free time I draw illustrations, for myself and to order. You can see my illustrations here: often I was faced with the need to write by hand in my illustrations. So gradually I came to the conclusion that I created my own font for my work, for myself.Over time, I developed a true passion for creating fonts, enjoying working on each letter, as if sawing out their final shape. In my work, I often noticed that a beautiful font that was so suitable for any project did not have Cyrillic support, and I set myself the goal of creating any of my fonts to be guided by making it as multilingual as possible, in order to make it convenient for the maximum number of people from different countries.My goal is to create unique and well-designed fonts, I really enjoy creating letters and I hope that my fonts will help you in your creativity.