Olga Ryzhychenko
I always thought that a designer is a person who solves specific problems. And that a font designer is a person who solves lots of problems. As a web-designer and I've always been interested in the process of creating materials I work with. And I always thought that font designers' work is a kind of magic. I live in Ukraine and people here mostly use Cyrillic fonts. Many of them were made without taking into consideration those specific features that Cyrillics fonts have. Looking at it I thought it would be interesting to try. And in 2013 I made my first set of Roman symbols. I really enjoyed the process, so I decided to give it another try and with time it has become my hobby and passion. Now I like to spend some of my evenings working on letters. When I work on it I usually try to put a specific mood or an idea in it. During my work there's a lot of variations of symbols and I thoroughly test them to choose better ones. I strive to create a vibrant and interesting fonts that have a history. I hope that my fonts will help you to solve your creative challenges.

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