Omaikraf Studio

"A design studio that specializes in typography and creative digital arts. Founded in 2013, which initially aimed to support womanpreneurship in digital marketing. Later on, Omaikraf Studio has been solely focused on branding and building their online identity through creating typeface design and digital assets. We started as a couple who came with a similar passion and purpose to encourage the awareness of internet marketing. Back in 2013, there were not so many crafters who could distribute their arts online. With this in mind, we came up with an idea to build a marketplace that displayed only handcraft products. Think of Etsy, but what we did was rather regionally for Indonesian crafters. After so many trials and errors, finally we had made to expand our identity by joining the International conference held by the Ministry of Child Empowerment and Protection in Bali at 2015. For almost 4 years, Omaikraf was on the hibernation period due to our offline activities. Until late 2019, we began to revive again what that we had been dreaming about at the beginning. But this time, we are slightly pivoting to make our own foundry, to create fun and functional typefaces."