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Ongunkan Borama Somali Script

Ongunkan Borama Somali Script

by Runic World Tamgacı
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Ongunkan Borama Somali Script Font Family was designed by Osman Nuri ALKAN and published by Runic World Tamgacı. Ongunkan Borama Somali Script contains 1 styles.

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About Ongunkan Borama Somali Script Font Family

The Gadabuursi alphabet, also known as the Borama alphabet Borama is an alphabetic script for the Somali language. It was devised around 1933 by Sheikh Abdurahman Sheikh Nuur of the Gadabuursi clan.

Though not as widely known as Osmanya, the other major orthography for transcribing Somali, Borama has produced a notable body of literature mainly consisting of qasidas.

Designers: Osman Nuri ALKAN

Publisher: Runic World Tamgacı

Foundry: Runic World Tamgacı

Design Owner: Runic World Tamgacı

MyFonts debut: Jun 12, 2023

Ongunkan Borama Somali Script

About Runic World Tamgacı

As my interest in runic scripts increased, it became imperative to make my own fonts. It was time to put all these years of hard work into flesh and blood.This foundry, with the name of runic world tamgacı, has been prepared as a platform to distribute font works developed on Old European Runic inscriptions, Old Asian Runic inscriptions, Old Hungarian Runic inscriptions, Runic inscriptions found in Africa and Arabian geography, and italic inscriptions such as Etruscan and Iberian. With new additions, the inventory of the foundry will be constantly updated and expanded. These Runic studies were made from scratch by looking at the relevant sources.

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