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Ongunkan Bosnia Pyramid

Ongunkan Bosnia Pyramid

by Runic World Tamgacı
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Ongunkan Bosnia Pyramid Font Family was designed by Osman Nuri ALKAN and published by Runic World Tamgacı. Ongunkan Bosnia Pyramid contains 1 styles.

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About Ongunkan Bosnia Pyramid Font Family

The signs of the Bosnian pyramids

The pyramid researcher, Semir Osmanagic, began excavations in 2005 in Visoko, Bosnia, 30 km North from Sarajevo. Mr. Senad Hodocic, the curator at the local museum, pointed out at the pyramidal shape of the Visocica Mountain, which grabbed Osmanagic's attention. It is also suspected that the four adjacent hills, covered by plants and greenery, also hide the pyramids. The main sites of the excavations are called the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon, and the results achieved so far have already proved that those structures are man-made and artificial. The Pyramid of the Sun is bigger and older than the pyramid in Giza, which was built by Pharaoh Cheops 4600 years ago. Gábor Szakács, who went to the site in June 2006 for the first time, found the symbols on the megalithic blocks inside the tunnel of the Pyramid of the Sun, which correspond to the ancient Hungarian runic writings.

Further information about the Bosnian Pyramids is available at the website

There are also researchers who do not accept the subject of the Bosnian pyramids. Time will tell the truth.

Designers: Osman Nuri ALKAN

Publisher: Runic World Tamgacı

Foundry: Runic World Tamgacı

Design Owner: Runic World Tamgacı

MyFonts debut: Feb 15, 2023

Ongunkan Bosnia Pyramid

About Runic World Tamgacı

As my interest in runic scripts increased, it became imperative to make my own fonts. It was time to put all these years of hard work into flesh and blood.This foundry, with the name of runic world tamgacı, has been prepared as a platform to distribute font works developed on Old European Runic inscriptions, Old Asian Runic inscriptions, Old Hungarian Runic inscriptions, Runic inscriptions found in Africa and Arabian geography, and italic inscriptions such as Etruscan and Iberian. With new additions, the inventory of the foundry will be constantly updated and expanded. These Runic studies were made from scratch by looking at the relevant sources.

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