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Ongunkan France Glozel Runic

Ongunkan France Glozel Runic

by Runic World Tamgacı
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Ongunkan France Glozel Runic Font Family was designed by Osman Nuri ALKAN and published by Runic World Tamgacı. Ongunkan France Glozel Runic contains 1 styles.

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About Ongunkan France Glozel Runic Font Family

In March 2010, Émile Fradin, a modest peasant farmer from central France, died at the age of 103. To his grave he took the secret behind one of the most controversial archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. A discovery which put into question the very origins of the written word and the paternity of European culture. It was the uncovering of peculiar artefacts would come to be known as the Glozel runes.

The discovery of the Glozel runes

On the first day of March 1924, a not yet 18-year-old Fradin was ploughing his family’s field in the hamlet of Glozel, when his cow stumbled into a hole. When he and his grandfather, Claude, looked closer, they discovered a mass of broken stone, under which lay an underground chamber. Within, they discovered pottery fragments, carved bones, and a peculiar clay tablet covered in bizarre characters that neither of the two could decipher.

The family requested a subsidy for excavation works to be carried out, but were refused by the regional authority.

With that disappointment, it seemed as though the discovery would fade into obscurity. However, the following year, news of Fradin’s unusual clay tablet reached the ears of the physician and amateur archeologist, Antonin Morlet. By the end of May 1925, Morlet began the first of his excavations.4 Within the first two years alone, he had amassed some 3,000 finds.

Designers: Osman Nuri ALKAN

Publisher: Runic World Tamgacı

Foundry: Runic World Tamgacı

Design Owner: Runic World Tamgacı

MyFonts debut: Feb 15, 2023

Ongunkan France Glozel Runic

About Runic World Tamgacı

As my interest in runic scripts increased, it became imperative to make my own fonts. It was time to put all these years of hard work into flesh and blood.This foundry, with the name of runic world tamgacı, has been prepared as a platform to distribute font works developed on Old European Runic inscriptions, Old Asian Runic inscriptions, Old Hungarian Runic inscriptions, Runic inscriptions found in Africa and Arabian geography, and italic inscriptions such as Etruscan and Iberian. With new additions, the inventory of the foundry will be constantly updated and expanded. These Runic studies were made from scratch by looking at the relevant sources.

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