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Ongunkan Old Turkic

Ongunkan Old Turkic

by Runic World Tamgacı
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Ongunkan Old Turkic Font Family was designed by Osman Nuri ALKAN and published by Runic World Tamgacı. Ongunkan Old Turkic contains 1 styles.

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About Ongunkan Old Turkic Font Family

Orkhon inscriptions (Orkhon inscriptions, Orkhon inscriptions, Khöshöö Tsaidam monuments (also known as Khoshoo Tsaidam, Koshu-Tsaidam or Höshöö Caidam) or Kul Tigin steles (simplified Chinese: 阙特勤碑; traditional Chinese: 闕特勤碑; pinyin: Què tèqín bēi )) They are two monumental installations written by the Göktürks in the Old Turkic alphabet in the Orkhon Valley in Mongolia at the beginning of the 8th century. They were erected in honor of two Turkish princes Kül Tigin and his brother Bilge Kagan.

Both Chinese and Old Turkish inscriptions describe the legendary origins of the Turks, the golden age of their history, their subjugation by the Chinese and their liberation by İlteriş Kağan. According to one source, the inscriptions contain "rhythmic and parallel passages" similar to those of epics. In the Old Turkish Alphabet, 38 letters are accepted academically and this pattern is generally used in the books. But there are more than 38 letters in this alphabet, these special letters are included in this font.

Designers: Osman Nuri ALKAN

Publisher: Runic World Tamgacı

Foundry: Runic World Tamgacı

Design Owner: Runic World Tamgacı

MyFonts debut: Mar 15, 2022

Ongunkan Old Turkic

About Runic World Tamgacı

As my interest in runic scripts increased, it became imperative to make my own fonts. It was time to put all these years of hard work into flesh and blood.This foundry, with the name of runic world tamgacı, has been prepared as a platform to distribute font works developed on Old European Runic inscriptions, Old Asian Runic inscriptions, Old Hungarian Runic inscriptions, Runic inscriptions found in Africa and Arabian geography, and italic inscriptions such as Etruscan and Iberian. With new additions, the inventory of the foundry will be constantly updated and expanded. These Runic studies were made from scratch by looking at the relevant sources.

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