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TE Osama Modern

TE Osama Modern

by Tharwat Emara
Individual Styles from $50.00
Complete family of 6 fonts: $150.00
TE Osama Modern Font Family was designed by Tharwat Mohamed Emara and published by Tharwat Emara. TE Osama Modern contains 5 styles and family package options.

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About TE Osama Modern Font Family

Its one of the OSAMA modern Arabic fonts, a spontaneous free line characterized by beauty and speed of reading. To be used in advertisements, writing titles, magazines, cartoons, films, serials, comics and plays. (Arabic - Farsi - Urdu - Latin)

Designers: Tharwat Mohamed Emara

Publisher: Tharwat Emara

Foundry: Tharwat Emara

Design Owner: Tharwat Emara

MyFonts debut: May 8, 2018

TE Osama Modern

About Tharwat Emara

Tharwat Emara is an esteemed Egyptian calligrapher, renowned for his exceptional work in the field of Arabic calligraphy. He is recognized for his unique style and his ability to seamlessly blend tradition with innovation, resulting in a body of work that is both timeless and contemporary.Born in Egypt, Tharwat Emara developed a passion for calligraphy at a young age. He honed his skills through years of dedicated practice and study, eventually becoming one of the most prominent calligraphers in the country. His work has been exhibited around the world, and his fonts have been used in a variety of media, including books, advertisements, and logos.What sets Tharwat Emara apart from other calligraphers is his ability to create fonts that are both beautiful and functional. He understands that calligraphy is not just an art form, but a means of communication, and his fonts reflect this understanding. They are clear, legible, and easy to read, while also retaining the aesthetic beauty that is so important to the art of calligraphy.Tharwat Emara's fonts are also notable for their versatility. He has created fonts that are suitable for a wide range of applications, from elegant wedding invitations to bold, modern advertising campaigns. Whether you're looking for a font that is classic and timeless or something that is cutting-edge and contemporary, Tharwat Emara has a font that will suit your needs.One of the things that makes Tharwat Emara's fonts so special is the attention to detail that he puts into every design. He understands that each letter is a work of art in itself, and he approaches each design with the same level of care and precision that he would if he were creating a standalone piece of calligraphy. This attention to detail ensures that each font is not only beautiful, but also functional and easy to use.In addition to his work as a calligrapher, Tharwat Emara is also an accomplished teacher. He has taught calligraphy to students around the world, and his workshops are highly sought-after by both beginners and experienced calligraphers. His approach to teaching is based on his belief that calligraphy is a discipline that requires patience, dedication, and a willingness to learn from both success and failure. He encourages his students to explore their creativity and to find their own unique style, while also providing them with the technical skills they need to create beautiful calligraphy.If you're looking for a calligrapher who combines tradition with innovation, who creates fonts that are both beautiful and functional, and who approaches his work with the utmost care and precision, then Tharwat Emara is the perfect choice. His fonts are among the most distinctive and recognizable in the world of Arabic calligraphy, and they are sure to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any project.

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