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P22 Glaser Babyfat

P22 Glaser Babyfat

by P22 Type Foundry
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P22 Glaser Babyfat Font Family was designed by Milton Glaser, James Grieshaber and published by P22 Type Foundry. P22 Glaser Babyfat contains 9 styles and family package options.

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About P22 Glaser Babyfat Font Family

Milton Glaser on designing Babyfat: “This is the first alphabet I ever designed. For some inexplicable reason I called it Babyfat. Because I’m not a type designer, most of my alphabets are actually novelties or graphic ideas expressed typographically. Here the idea was to take a gothic letter and view it simultaneously from two sides. It started out as a rather esoteric letterform; it ended up being used in supermarkets for ‘Sale’ signs.” This forced perspective 3-D font has appeared on many LP covers and posters from the mid 1960s onward.

This revival includes the original lowercase for the first time in digital form. Besides the three original styles (Outline, Shaded, and Black) made for photo typesetting, the new P22 Glaser Babyfat introduces six additional variations to allow the user to easily colorize the type as Glaser envisioned. The Keyline, Fill, Glyph, Left, Right, and Down font styles give the user nearly infinite options to create dynamic chromatic effects.

P22 Glaser Babyfat was based on original drawings and phototype proofs from the Milton Glaser Studios archives. Typographic punctuation and sorts were imagined by James Grieshaber to work with Glaser’s design, as well as diacritics to accommodate most European languages. Over the years there have been many typefaces that borrowed heavily from the Glaser designs, but these are the only official fonts approved by Milton Glaser Studio and the Estate of Milton Glaser.

Designers: Milton Glaser, James Grieshaber

Publisher: P22 Type Foundry

Foundry: P22 Type Foundry

Design Owner: P22 Type Foundry

MyFonts debut: Apr 29, 2021

P22 Glaser Babyfat

About P22 Type Foundry

P22 Type Foundry is a digital type foundry and letterpress printing studio based in Rochester, New York. The company was created in 1994 in Buffalo, New York by co-founders Richard Kegler and Carima El-Behairy. The company is best known for its type designs, which have appeared in films and on numerous commercial products. The P22 Type Foundry retail font collection specializes in historical letterforms inspired by art, history, and science that otherwise have never been available previously in digital form. P22 works with museums and foundations to ensure the development of accurate historical typefaces, and with private clients to create custom bespoke fonts. P22 also offers special curated collections, including International House of Fonts (IHOF), Lanston Type Co. (LTC) and Hamilton Wood Type Collection (HWT), all under the P22 Type Foundry umbrella.

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