Panos Vassiliou
Panos Vassiliou is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a major in Applied Science and Engineering. In his transition years from engineering to typography, he left his high-profile job, got involved with a theatre company, founded a design studio and pursued an academic career. A few years later he started a publishing company. He has been designing typefaces since 1993, including commercial fonts as well as commissions from national and international companies such as the European Commission, Ikea, Kraft Foods, Financial Times Deutschland, National Geographic. He is regularly invited as a guest speaker to conferences and seminars, to speak on typography and related topics. He started Parachute in 2001 setting the base for a typeface library that reflected the works of some of the best contemporary Greek designers, as well as creatives around the world obsessed with type. He has received numerous international awards including both a Gold and Silver awards from the European Design Awards, distinctions from Communications Arts and Creative Review and most recently the red dot: grand prix 2012.

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