Paper Moon Type & Graphic Supply

Paper Moon Type & Graphic Supply is a foundry specializing in the revival of forgotten vintage fonts and new retro/vintage inspired fonts. We scour through flea markets, online auctions, and old print shops to find type specimen books, wood block type, and other ephemera to create digital fonts with a printed letterpress or hand-lettered look and feel. These original sources often have unique glyphs developed by the original type designers that we include in our collections. Many of these unique characters are not found in their common modern "cleaned up" digital releases.Our revival fonts are digitized and redrawn from historical sources and printed type specimen sheets ranging from the 1700s to the 1970s. Our retro-inspired fonts are based limited character sets of "junk type" found on everything from vintage packaging to hand painted signs. Almost all of our fonts have a huge variety of contextual alternates and ligatures for creating unique lettering designs.