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Phone Pro

Phone Pro

by Tamar Fonts
Individual Styles from $50.00
Complete family of 10 fonts: $175.00
Phone Pro Font Family was designed by Hillel Glueck and published by Tamar Fonts. Phone Pro contains 10 styles and family package options.

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About Phone Pro Font Family

"Relation Between Typology and Type Design"

'PRISTINE'; this font is—neither beautiful nor ugly, neither vigorous nor weak, neither traditional nor modern, neither serif nor sans serif, neither script nor printable, neither a text font nor a display font—it is rather all of the above, which makes it a more versatile typographic tool—[handwritten] characters that are well-suited for a wide variety of applications—from editorial design, [friendly] greeting cards... to branding, advertising, publicity and digital. Each glyph design combines its unique shapes and stylish ink-traps with parabolic curves. Each glyph design has been treated as an 'individual character'—the way I would treat a breathing, living, vulnerable and courteous human being; looking after each and every character as if it was my only child — bringing to light the authenticity and uniqueness of each individual, as well as my objective to bring about peace and harmony between them all as a whole.

Designed with the intention of harmonizing between four scripts — Latin, Cyrillic, Greek and Hebrew; the whole family has a comprehensive set of characters—in addition to the Latin letters, the Phone typeface also has a full set of characters for Vietnamese, partially extended Cyrillic, Greek and Hebrew (sold separately). The t_t ligature is something unique to Phone, as well as the t_z ligature, among others and extras. A distinctive trait of the Phone typeface, is a high x-height combined with relatively short ascenders.

The Phone typeface is in a way evoking the feeling of some Gaelic font and of the [Egyptian] Papyrus font (by Chris Costello, though, not being based on neither of those), having an exotic and an exquisite look, under the category of "Soft Fonts & Friendly Faces".

Copyright Tamar Fonts/Hillel Glueck 2021


Any unauthorized distribution of my work is strictly prohibited, and will be prosecuted; do the right thing, and do not participate in the piracy of my typefaces; if you appreciate my work, then please pay for it and help me prosper — thank you!

Designers: Hillel Glueck

Publisher: Tamar Fonts

Foundry: Tamar Fonts

Design Owner: Tamar Fonts

MyFonts debut: Feb 5, 2021

Phone Pro

About Tamar Fonts

My dream has always been to become an Architect—which in a sense has come true through my Enigmatic Interior series (see that contains 117 achievements of mine in Interior Architecture; generally, my approach is architectural if often abstract, yet, however abstract my designs may be, they are always based on the human figure, hence the Asymmetric approach to my designs... However abstract, dramatic and asymmetric my designs may be — being conform to the basic geometric shapes is the one thing they all share; contemplating and articulating on SHAPES is the thing I specialize in (see, thus, I am drawn to architecture at large and to designing typefaces, while being deeply devoted to Music Composition (see

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