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by Wilton Foundry
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Plumage Font Family was designed by Robbie de Villiers and published by Wilton Foundry. Plumage contains 1 styles.

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About Plumage Font Family

Plumage is somewhat unusual in that it has elements of calligraphy as well as script in a semi-loose form that gives it a pleasing appearance for both large and small sizes, and interesting flare finish strokes add to its unique character. As I read a dictionary description of "plumage", I realized that in many ways there is a parallel between a bird's plumage and how it is utilized in the context of writing: Plumage varies in pattern and arrangement for different purposes; what it expresses can of course be even more interesting. Plumage is disposable after a season, as new ones become available... imagine, a self-sustaining quill! - I guess that's equivalent to a refill or disposable pen. Historically, quill pens were made from feathers of a variety of birds, each chosen for its special characteristics. The sturdiest and most reliable feathers, however, come from turkeys, swans and geese. Feathers used to make pens are the stiff-spined flight feathers on the leading edge of the bird's wing. Pens for right-handed writers come from the left wing, and pens for left-handers, from the right! Each bird yields 10-12 good quills, and sometimes only 2 or 3 - so small a yield that the geese reared in England could not furnish nearly enough for local demand, and quills were imported from the Continent in large quantities. At one point St Petersburg in Russia was sending 27 million quills a year to the UK. It is said that geese were specially bred by US President Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) to supply his own vast need for quills - in his lifetime he wrote almost 20,000 letters. The name "Plumage" was selected to pay homage to the noble birds that supplied countless quills for centuries of literary works. Plumage is recommended for any formal or informal invitation, decorations, awards, poetry, plaques, etc. We hope you will have the pleasure of using Plumage.

Designers: Robbie de Villiers

Publisher: Wilton Foundry

Foundry: Wilton Foundry

Design Owner: Wilton Foundry

MyFonts debut: Mar 20, 2007


About Wilton Foundry

Wilton Foundry was started by award-winning graphic designer Robbie de Villiers. Robbie has extensive training in calligraphy which fuels his love for designing fonts. He considers it a huge privilege designing fonts that are the ultimately messengers of thinking that can stir emotions and perhaps even cause life-changing experiences to its recipients. EYE magazine issue 86 features Wilton Foundry's Ciseaux & Pezzo fonts. The BBC used Wilton Foundry's "Plumage" for their classic 4 season hit series "Lark Rise To Candleford" One of the oldest cities in Germany, the city of Erfurt uses the WERK family as their official font.

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